Recommendations for a smooth settling in

At the Nursery, we advise a minimum two-week settling in period. We do this to make the transition into Nursery as smooth as possible, and for your little learner to have a really positive first experience of an educational setting.

Settling can be tough, there are often tears and the occasional tantrum, but our staff are very experienced at settling new children and new parents too! We understand this could be the first time you are leaving your little one and we’re on hand to guide you through the process.

Bring them often, and vary the length of stay.

We know it can be tough fitting settling round other commitments, but it is important to bring your child in for a few visits before their official start date. This way, they can familiarise themselves with our staff and our routines before starting. This can’t be done in a single half hour drop off.

Allow them to bring something that comforts them

Does your child have a favourite soft toy or comforter? It’s good to have something familiar when they’re immersed in something new. All we ask is that you limit the comforters to a maximum of two, and clearly label them with your child’s name.

Be upbeat!

It might be that joining Nursery is a very grown up step for your tiny one and you’re feeling a tad emotional. Try to be as positive as possible, chances are your child will cry and reach for you when you first leave them for settling in, rest assured this is VERY common and our experienced staff know just what to do in these circumstances. Be positive, smile and get out of sight! If you need a little cry in our reception area, our staff are experienced with parents too!

Tell us what they like or what interests them

We shape our learning round the interests of the children, and being able to provide what interests them in their first weeks at Nursery really helps to settle them and get them excited about coming again.

Allow them to be dropped off for settling in by someone other than yourself

This may sound a bit strange, but often if someone other than a parent (e.g. a grandparent) brings in your learner for settling in, there are less tears!

Get advice from staff

Ask staff if they think your learner needs more settling in sessions, they will tell you honestly if your child is ready for their first session or could do with a few more shorter visits.


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