Our Facilities

Valley House offers child-centered learning with excellent facilities. We have large areas for free play where children can express themselves, an excellent outdoor learning facilities with an outdoor classroom, and dedicated teaching areas to help children get ready for school. We also have designated quiet areas and a sensory area. Children have access to ICT equipment and we are able to loan books from the local library to our little learners.

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Outdoor Learning Area

A fantastic playground with climbing wall, sand pit mini garden and many more facilities for your child to enjoy.

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Baby garden

Our area designated specifically for very young children to play, learn and have fun!

Facilities Valley House Nursery

ICT equipment

We have a range of different ICT equipment for our learners to explore the latest in modern technology.

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Outdoor Classroom


The outdoor classroom is used all year round and is the designated space for outdoor structured learning.

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Changing Facilities

Clean and comfortable baby changing facilities and children's toilets where children are encouraged to toilet independently and practice good hygiene.

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Secure premises

We have a controlled access system in place at the entrance to the front door of nursery,

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Peaceful Sleeping Areas

This is our quiet zone, away from the main play area. Our sensory area is also located here.

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Parking facilities

Valley House has a small car park for nursery parents, located at the rear of the property signposted either side.

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Preschool hall

Tailored learning activities to prepare children for school.

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Home Learning Facilities

Here we courage children to act in a home living scenario and teach them manner, table etiquette and how to tidy up after themselves.

Facilities Valley House Nursery

Arts & Design

We have a range of different materials for modeling and mark making to stimulate your child's creative side and get them ready for writing.


Holiday Club

Available during all school holidays (Coventry and Warwickshire) and teacher training days. Ages 5-12.

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